Hi there, it’s Camille Cupid and I wanted to introduce you to my passion & side hustle 2ndhandluvv. 

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What inspired me to start 2ndhandluvv began with my Unshakable passion for fashion, which has been with me since I was a child. As I grew older, I realized the importance of finding my own unique style and reclaiming my identity. 2ndhandluvv became a platform for me to express myself through sustainable fashion while sharing my personal closet with others. It's about encouraging individuality and empowering one another through the art of dressing up.

So, how does 2ndhandluvv differentiate itself from other fashion reselling brands? I draw inspiration from the boldness and free-spiritedness of the '60s, an era of love and psychedelia. My eclectic collection stands out, embracing diverse styles that are vibrant, fun, and far from ordinary. When you come to 2ndhandluvv, expect a euphoric and stimulating experience of clothing, fashion, and fun. I am all about encouraging uniqueness and making a bold statement.

When it comes to the types of fashion items I specialize in, the possibilities are endless. I curate a wide range of women's clothing, shoes, and accessories. There's no specific style, era, or brand that I focus on. Instead, I curate my collection based on my personal style, which draws a little bit of inspiration from runway fashion. I like to transform those editorial, out-of-the-pocket pieces into everyday wearable looks at affordable prices.

Curating and sourcing inventory for 2ndhandluvv is an adventure in itself. I prioritize cleanliness and the safety of the items, ensuring that every item you receive is in the best possible condition. While there isn't a specific selection process, each item is chosen with my insightful eye. I consider how I would style and wear the pieces, ensuring it aligns with the mindset of bold, unique, and creative.

When you shop on 2ndhandluvv, you can expect a seamless and smooth experience. Although we primarily sell on platforms like Depop, Etsy, and Poshmark, customer satisfaction is my top priority. As a small team of just one, I do my best to communicate promptly and ensure that all items arrive in top-notch condition. My ultimate goal is to provide a memorable and enjoyable shopping journey for all.

I'd love to share a heartwarming success story from one of my customers. Back in 2020, a buyer attended a flea market in Denver and fell in love with a long-sleeve cat sheer top with gem eyes. However, she couldn't afford it at the time and couldn't find it anywhere else afterward. The Universe intervened and she discovered the exact same top on my Depop shop. It was labeled with no brand, but it was unmistakably the one she had been looking for. This connection and the joy it brought her reminded me of why I do what I do—to create meaningful experiences and share the magic of fashion.


Sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of 2ndhandluvv's business model. By reselling pre-loved items, I give new life and purpose to clothing that would otherwise end up in landfills. We contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry by reducing waste and promoting the circular economy. Every purchase from 2ndhandluvv is a step towards a greener future.

As I navigate this incredible journey, I'm excited to see where 2ndhandluvv takes me. It started as a side venture to satisfy my passion for fashion, and now it has become a source of joy, connection, and a stream of income. I invite you to shop at 2ndhandluvv on Depop, Etsy, or Poshmark where you will find pieces with purpose.


Camille Cupid

Founder of 2ndhandluvv

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