Hi, I am Camille Cupid

& this is my story...


My father, Lester Cupid, was a very creative man himself. At least in his way. He lived in a bright pink townhome in Trinidad and Tobago where he was born. I did not meet much of his family there although, I did meet my grandma Sylvia. She adored me but I haven’t seen her since I was young. I visited Trinidad and Tobago back in 2017. I was not grateful for it much then but looking back on it, it was the most impactful moment of my life I must say. It’s a part of who I am, who my father was, and who we will forever be. My father passed away on November 25th, 2021 and I am dedicating this website, my future work, and this milestone in my life to my father Lester Cupid. He gave me the gift of life, a creative eye, a beautiful soul, intriguing background, and my very first camera. He supported my dreams to create a vision through my lens since I was young. I still remember the days he bought me my very first laptop and editing software. He wanted me to make movies and share my artsitic touch on the world. My father loved the camera himself. He took photos everywhere he went. He even kept two albums full of old photos and polaroids from when he was young. I believe photography is not only a passion but something I have been gifted with. I put my camera down when I found out my father was sick. I felt out of touch and out of sight. I shut down my beautiful website, and my social media page and called it quits. In between, I went through trauma, grief, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and anger, I went through it all and am still on this journey of grief every day. I am on a spiritual path of healing and growing. It looks different for everyone. For me, it looked like isolation to avoid the deep dark rabbit hole I may have fallen down. As of today, I am doing much better now and I hope you enjoy my work and what’s to come.


Camille Cupid

Dedicated to Lester Cupid

04/10/1963 - 11/25/2021



Pittsburgh, PA + Travel

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